Thanks in advance

First and foremost, the whole map, recources and upcomming themes, are completely free to use for everyone. So they might be usefull for your friends, or kinship.
If you are a Founder, Leader or Officer of a kinship, there might be some kind of maps you really want to have. We are currently only exporting the wood- and ore-plot maps, but we are also collecting other information at the same time. Here are just a few to name: Atrifact plots, stablemaster, slayer deeds, and we will expant this in the future.
There are options to export some of those as well, but they will be a kind of custom order with less support than our current subjects/projects.


There is no need for any kind of payment. But we would like that our users respect the place ware it came from. So if you are using the maps from for your kinship, community webstie, etc. it would be appriciated if you contact us, so we can also give credit back to you. You can think about a notification on our website with your kinship name, server, and contacts. Or a article on our homepage. To name just a few of the options.
This way we can help our users, and we can also recieve feedback from you, our users.


You can mail us by using the ingame mailservice to Archosaur on the Laurelin server, Archasour in Brandywine or on the Archosaur Twitch channel.