Lotro maps

what started as a small, private, project for myself has become a project to share with the world. It is far from complete, and most likely stay that way because of expancions and updates to Lotro. The planning at first was to make a map with all the recource plots, so I could gather recources more efficitenly. But rather fast it became part of the larger project. Now it is grown to a map for ores, wood, artifacts, deeds, stablemaster, and properbly more in the future. The map will be updated at least ones a month with a changelog for as long I play Lotro. Updates to the map will follow my progression ingame, so there is no need to ask me to do an region ahead of my level or interest.
If you would like to follow me on my many adventures, you can find me reguraly on the following streams: ThordTV (Twitch, Youtube) and Nelnardis (Twitch, Youtube). Maybe I will start streaming again someday.

On this website you will find an low-res version of the current map to give yourself an impression of the whole map, and also an link to Dropbox for the full-res versions. This due to bandwidth limitations of my webservice provider.

v.011: 2018-07-feb
Current version (Downloadlink on the right side.)
Resources (798 plots procesed) v.010: 2018-04-jan
Resources (1001 plots procesed) v. 009: 2017-07-dec
Resources (771 plots procesed) Slayer deeds Recolor tier 4 from light-blue to yellow. This for a better contrast with lightgreen (tier 3).
v. 008: 2017-24-nov
Recources (1086 plots procesed)
v. 007: 2017-16-nov
First publication on the internet.
v. 006: 2017-09-nov
Recources (1068 plots procesed) - Long needed optimalisation on working files, reduces RAM-consumption to workable amounts, bue to many layers and high-res images.
v. 005: 2017-24-oct
Recources (City)names Stablemasters
v. 004: 2017-12-oct